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    If you're facing an overwhelming legal situation, turn to Albert Z. Levin, P.A. for guidance. Albert Z. Levin is a reputable criminal defense and personal injury lawyer in Miami, FL who can make sure your voice is heard in the courtroom. Whether you're facing criminal charges or you're the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you can rely on him to help. Trust your case to Albert Z. Levin.

      Trust your case
      to Albert Z. Levin

      Albert Z. Levin is an experienced trial lawyer who has represented individuals throughout the United States since 1985. He was selected by Super Lawyers as a Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney and won the prestigious Rodney Thaxton "Against All Odds" Award for exemplary representation in an unpopular case.

      If you want a lawyer who will take on any challenge and defend you to the best of his ability, you're in good hands with Albert Z. Levin. Contact him today to get a free initial consultation.

        Why do you need a criminal defense lawyer?

        No matter what crime you've been accused of, you have a right to fair legal representation. Hiring a criminal defense law firm will:


        Increase your chances of getting a charge reduced or dropped


        Ensure you have a solid criminal defense


        Prepare you for your upcoming trial

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